Monday, December 20, 2010

Best of...

Refinery 29 inspired me to write my own best of post representing many of the things, people, photos and designers that I have come to love this year. I think it is important that genuine reflection occurs. And beyond my own person reflections about life, love, work, spirituality and affection for the self, I must dedicate some reflection to the fashion universe that plays a small yet vital part of my very full, very busy life.

Phoebe Philo is, simply put, the shit. Her clothes are simple, elegant, clean and functional. I love her look, the aesthetic that her clothing inspires and the energy that comes from each and every garment.

Taylor Tomasi is new to me but has been a thoughtful, cutting edge stylist for years. The Marie Claire editor, who is known for her street chic style, looks amazing, has one of the world's greatest jobs and is inspiring on many levels. And selfishly, I love the red hair!

Though controversial, extremely skinny and sometimes the butt of paparazzi hateration, Kate Moss, in addition to being beautiful, is the mastermind behind TopShop, one of the greatest clothing stores to hit the US since H&M. Her stylish looks are thoughtful, approachable, acceptable, affordable and wearable. I respect her deeply for seeing such an amazing idea through and earning credibility and success in the process.

Isabel Marant is an exceptional designer whose work reflects great craftsmanship, conceptualization and a clear and thoughtful identity. Her work speaks to me on many levels and shows the brilliant mind and creative soul required to birth more than just a design label.

Garance Dore is the reason I keep writing about fashion. Her aesthetic is spot on and her open-minded view of fashion, both internationally and emotionally, is inspirational. Her brilliant eye knows how to capture amazing, real-life images that bring clothing, accessories and lifestyles to light.

I know that Gossip Girl represents much of what we despise in our world, especially the tawdry and underhanded elements of NYC's upper east side. However, the two best things to emerge from this long running, popular show are Blake Lively and her many faces of fashion. Like Mad Men's fashion brain and costume designer Janie Bryant, Eric Daman has turned Blake Lively into a trustworthy and dependable fashion icon whose looks vary from great to even greater.

Lastly, great accessories are a girl's best friend. No matter your size, shape, or emotional state when getting ready for the day, accessories can bring to life your outfit, creating a composition, an artistic moment, a brilliant statement to the world. They can add shimmer, shine and even bangling sound to your day; they can add spunk to an otherwise blah Monday morning. They can add bling and beauty. No matter what, earrings, bracelets, rings, hats, scarves and belts can give you the perfect amount of jujgg (that's my word for "je ne sais quoi") that makes the world an easier, more manageable and prettier place to be.

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