Friday, November 26, 2010

Mind the Gap

The Brits do it best... Valentino, in collaboration with The Gap, created a line of lady-like ruffle military inspired looks that are gorgeous, fun, and affordable. Coming to the Dover Market location on Saturday, these clothes bring great tailoring to the otherwise unstructured, classic image so commonly associate with The Gap. The Gap, which typically embodies a relaxed, comfortable style with a sprinkle of downtown chic, shifts its focus a bit. Valentino's pieces add a splash of tailoring and structure that every woman desires but cannot always afford. Just a quick jump over the pond and one of these fine garments could be yours. Alas, I am forced to admire these pieces from afar and hope they decide to make the long journey to NYC.


  1. A great colab! The ruffles weren't a surprise as Valentino is known for them, but great nonetheless <3

  2. Nice colaboration, i had no idea!
    Im a ruffles lover so its all good news :P gotta love Valentino. xxx

  3. ruffles? enough said!