Monday, November 22, 2010

All that glitters...

I was never into glitter as a kid. It was messy, annoying and always left a trace somewhere that you never realized until a day later. You know, the silver glitter stuck to your cheek that no one ever told you was there. As a grown up, who's life revolves around other people's children, my own children, and my husband, an occasional romp at the gym and, well, fashion, I have come to embrace and love the newest trend that is not a trend at all really. The simple, glittery, festive, sparkly blouse, sweater, dress or blazer, all of which have been around the block, set an awesome tone that livens up and sasses up a wardrobe, and not only because we have 10,000 celebrations to attend for the holidays. What was once kind of childish and flashy in my mind has become flirty, sexy and even edgy at times. I have my eye on a black sequent blazer from French Connection with tiny little velvet buttons that made my heart sing when I saw it. So alas, in an attempt to find the fancy in what can be a rather unfancy life, I turn to you, glitter, flash and sequins, and I have a new pep in my step.

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  1. love the second one!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome