Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Greatest Night On The Town

Fashion Night Out in NYC was like nothing I had ever seen. From the moment I got on line at the Piperlime Store, waiting with baited breath to meet Rachel Zoe, to the moment I got off that line because she was leaving the store and going home after 2 hours, it was moment after moment of fashion genius and fashion mayhem in action. Now, I love NYC and feel deeply that we are the most fashionable city in America. That said, I saw some rather questionable attempts last night that caused a few pregnant pauses and some rather inappropriate comments, that I kept under my breath of course. In summation, however, I found that each person I saw possessed a great deal of style, enthusiasm, energy and beauty. I never saw the streets of SoHo filled as they were, or the loud, almost terrifying noise that accompanied a sighting of none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself, who, I might add, was entering the same restaurant that I was. That was a moment f0r sure. I also had a brief encounter with the incomparable Jenna Lyons, President and Head Stylist of J.Crew, who is transforming the brand into something chic and modern. While we were surrounded by tall, skinny women, many of whom had a stint on America's Next Top Model, and by the aspiring designers of this season's Project Runway, I felt pretty, unselfconscious and proud to be a Brooklyn girl, born and raised, who had the chance to bask in the glow of one of New York's finest moments.

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  1. thanks, again, for joining me. when the baby daddy asked about our night, i told him that my feet almost fell off, my jacket was molested by gay boys, we met jenna lyons, and had the best dinner. ever.

    he responded w/ 'huh?'

    but i was THRILLED. thanks, again.