Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looks That Speak to Me

Sometimes, I need a little reminder of the things I love. I received the new J.Crew catalogue in the mail and it was like my aesthetic psyche was jolted back into reality. The summer has been kind of devoid of anything passionate. I've spotted a smidgen of African inspired prints here and there that made me smile but I have felt rather uninspired and unmotivated by my surroundings, fashionably speaking, of course. When I saw the new pieces for Crew's Indian Summer collection, captured with the color-coated red rock of the desert as its backdrop, I was captivated but the color palate, the styling, the accessories and the bags. I meandered into some of my favorite sites and was pleasantly surprised to see that style, and old-fashioned good taste, is still alive and kicking! Happy summer everyone!

1 comment:

  1. convo from last night....

    me: i wish it was fall already
    baby daddy: why? you want to go back to work so soon?
    me: no. i miss my clothes

    you, of course, read my mind. and i loved that last pic when i saw it online. i have been dreaming of how i can make the dress myself. a little diy project?