Monday, May 17, 2010

The Birth of the Day

On this, my 35th year of life, I wanted to devote some time to all the things that have given birth to my love affair with fashion. Some of it can be found in subtlety, the metal work, the button, the clasp. Some of it can be found in ostentatious grandeur, the mohawk, the 5 carat diamond, the leather pants. I see fashion in light and shades and in color and contrast. I see fashion in compositions of plaid and polka dot with some floral thrown in for good measure contrasted by pig tails, Cartier Love bracelets, cardigans and pearls sashaying up Park Avenue. I see fashion in architecture, photography, illustrations, painting and tailoring. I see it in store window reflections and hear it on the street. Fashion is a living, breathing testament to perspective, individuality and a note of sarcasm here and there. Like anything else, it is just waiting to be heard, understood and celebrated.

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