Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Wow...

Thank god for Dora. She's the only reason I have a few moments to comment on the terribly boring Oscar show whose fashion bordered on flat and uninteresting this year. I found myself waiting for someone to flash in front of the camera dressed in the wow factor that would make the evening worthwhile. I also found myself wondering why star after star felt is necessary to wear gowns displaying large and sometimes awkwardly placed waves of fabric on one side of their bodies, as if they needed storage space for the evening.

As I waited, popping pigs and blankets and popcorn, my prayers were finally answered in the form of Ms. Meryl Streep, whose simple elegance literally leaped off the screen with ease and grace and smacked me upside the head. She was angelic in all white; her skin as luminescent as her gown. After some digging, I came to find that her dress was designed by none other than the fabulous Chris March, the Project Runway alum and drag queen costume designer. She was confident, gracious and sexy while being completely age appropriate, though frankly she looks so amazing it is difficult to figure out her real age.

I was equally enamored with Cameron Diaz's look, which was eye catching and lovely. Her stunning golden studded Oscar de la Renta dress was unsurprisingly a masterpiece, embracing an awesome combination of simplicity and flair. She looked youthful yet mature, a tricky balance that she has not always been able to master. The dress screamed form fitting fashion and fabulousity all in one breath.

Sadly, there's not much more to say except I hope the next red carpet offers more beautiful, more fashion forward, more glamorous decisions and keeps the yards of unnecessary fabric, the bland, lifeless neutrals and the hideous hairstyles to itself.

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