Friday, March 19, 2010

Dries Van Noten

One would be remiss if she did not recognize the astute and articulate design aesthetic, rooted in traditional tailoring and fit, that so epitomizes Dries Van Noten. Garance Dore's recent video montage of Dries Van Noten's Fall 2010 collection so perfectly captured the look, feel and energy behind this design house. It is undoubtedly clear that cut, structure and classic style all inform the work done by the incomparable, unparalleled designer. And yet when I looked into the Spring 2010 collection, the note of sophistication and elegance of that season was transformed into a Fall filled with color, bounce and a bit of ethnicity all rolled into one. The use of patterned fabric was brilliant and reminded me of the most wondrous elements that come in the Spring: reincarnation. Each dress looked as if it transformed the woman wearing it into a spirit whose soul was practically floating in air. Truth be told, it made me wish I had all the money in the world simply to spend a few hours in one of these glorious dresses. I adore the color story in this collection, which was strong, clean and deliberate. The use of animal prints was done so tastefully and flawlessly that it was, for the first time, appealing and inviting to me. I know now that I will be on the hunt for more, intrigued and excited by all the possibilities this design house has in store.

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