Monday, February 1, 2010

Faux Pas

There are two themes emerging in the Spring 2010 shows that had no business showing their silly little faces: floral patterns and lingerie as outerwear. For some strange reason, Anna Sui, whose design aesthetic does not usually move me, arranged an unflattering, untailored mess of a suit that does no body good. Not only is the color combination god-awful but so is the cut and line of the suit. Sadly, even the model looks unhappy and unsure. In that same vein, Jasmine Di Milo, whose work is more in line with my taste, thought it genius to slam a rather awkwardly cut bustier atop an otherwise lovely frock. When I see work like this, I wonder why? Why does a designer make these choices? What were they thinking? Who are they dressing? And though I claim no skill whatsoever in designing or sewing alike, I do get at least an A for good taste and effort.

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  1. love that first piece