Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Night Night Marc Jacobs

Before bed, rather than reading The Library Lion, one of our favorites, my daughter thought it a better use of time to share her opinions about the new Marc Jacob's Spring 2010 line, which she noticed as she glanced over at my computer screen.

"What I like about this is that I like the polka dots diamonds because they are different colors. I really like the flats because they are my favorite color. I really like the lines on the neck of the dress. They make triangle shapes. I like the lipstick; its really red, ruby red. I like the bracelet too."

"Its my favorite color pink and I love how long the dress is. I really like the bumps on the dress because they make shapes on the dress. I love the shoes because they have sparkles on them. I like the bag because it has these cut out circles on it."

"I like the sparkle flowers near the black line. The flip flops are beautiful; they are white, my second favorite color. And oh the bag, I love the bag. Its so shiny! I love the belt on the jacket; it doesn't look like an old belt."

"I like her hair bun because it is up high, though it would be prettier if some of her hair was going down. I like the lines of her dress and the bow shape holding the lines. I like that it covers her toes and it looks like she has no shoes on but she really does. I like the sparkles and it is white, my favorite. I like how one sleeve goes out and the other one doesn't. This has a lot of combinations of things that I really like. I like that the girl is holding the dress, too. She looks like a beautiful, big snowflake. I wish I had this dress, Mama."

And I hope someday to be able to get it for her. In the meantime, my daughter, captivated by long dresses that kiss the ground, offered the greatest compliment of all: "These are the prettiest, most wonderful dresses I have ever seen." And I think I agree.


  1. oh my....this post made me smile. she's great and such a budding fashion critic!

    i especially loved that she only had positive things to very sweet.


  2. so, so cute and jose are in big fund AND haute couture fund!!!!!

  3. now you're hitting your stride, this was really beautiful

  4. Please post more of Little Belle's insights into fashion.